Hey! We're Nat and Lizzy! We're located on the border of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. We specialise in candid wedding photography. When we're not photographing, you might catch us enjoying a Harry Potter marathon, probably for the umpteenth time.

A fun fact about us: we're a couple, but we haven't tied the knot ourselves. Our journey began at college studying photography.
Later we discovered our mutual fascination with people-watching. This passion evolved and took us to the world of wedding photography, where we could tell stories of the most special day in somebody's lives.

When it comes to your wedding day, our aim is not just to take photos. We strive to capture the true essence of your celebration. The resounding laughter bouncing off the walls, the tears of joy shed by loved ones, the gasps of surprise during your grand entrance. We're there to document those precious, private exchanges, the warm hugs shared between family and friends, the quiet tears of happiness. These are the moments that paint the true picture of your wedding day, and we're here to capture each and every one of them.

Keen on having a chat? We'd love to! Let's chat about your wedding, your favourite Harry Potter character, or anything else under the sun!

We're Nat & Lizzy

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